".. A música e os pássaros têm muito em comum, é que não conhecem fronteiras, não há lei que os impede navegar ao redor do mundo .. a música começa onde termina a linguagem, porque exprime o inexplicável .."

domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

Jeff Scott Soto - The JSS Queen Concert Music (2003)

01. Procession
02. Let Me Entertain You
03. Tie Your Mother Down
04. Another One Bites the Dust
05. I Want to Break Free
06. Keep Yourself Alive
07. Spread Your Wings
08. Dragon Attack
09. Medley:
Death On Two Legs
Princes of the Universe
Tenement Funster
Flick of the Wrist
Ogre Battle
I'm in Love With My Car
10. Fat Bottomed Girls
11. '39
12. Hammer to Fall
13. Don't Stop Me Now
14. You're My Best Friend
15. Save Me
16. I Want It All
17. Guitar Solo
18. Stone Cold Crazy
19. Piano Medley:
Dear Friends
You Take My Breath Away
Love of My Life
Lily of the Valley
The Millionaire Waltz
Good Old Fashioned Loverboy
Who Wants to Live Forever
20. Somebody to Love
21. Killer Queen
22. Play the Game
23. These Are the Days of Our Lives
24. It's Late
25. Under Pressure
26. Radio Ga Ga
27. Drum Solo
28. We Will Rock You
29. We Are The Champions
30. Bohemian Rhapsody
31. The Show Must Go On
32. God Save the Queen

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